Gemstones Stories

Each gemstone has a different story to speak and many Gemstones are filled with symbolism.

Birthstone gemstones are closely related to astral powers that be, according to the believers. Every sun sign has a birthstone gemstone associated with it, which is supposed to be lucky.

Every sun sign has a birthstone gemstone associated with it, which is lucky for the person born during that period. People use various gemstones hoping for various affects that the stone will have on their lives.

At the same time, people avoid contact with certain stones that will bring them bad luck and misery. Although this may seem like something out of a fairy tale to westernized

Many women choose birthstone gemstones forĀ  jewelry they value. Others wear their birthstone as a symbol of their identity. Gemstones are very beautiful objects that can ignite and spark emotions.

Birthstone gemstones have various divisions like mystical stones, ayurvedic (Indian) stones, modern, traditional, astrological, planetary, talismanic and ancient cultural birthstones. Each category has a story and a reasoning behind it, each stone is believed to be special, and is great fun if nothing else, to hear why a stone is special and how it will help your life, and how it is meant specially for the particular individual in question.

Birthstone gemstones come in a variety of sizes as well, and like any other jewelry, the bigger they are, the more rare , and thereby more expensive they are. As far as the fashion oriented use of gemstones and birthstone goes, smaller ones are used on rings and earrings and somewhat larger on necklaces and pendants. Gemstones vary in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars!

In western society, gemstones and birthstones reached heights of popularity during the hippie days, when people began experimenting with eastern philosophies, and today offer a sweet reminder of those times to many a person who lived their youth during that period. Gemstones come in every imaginable color (including black by the way), which provide an opportunity to wear a stone with practically any color theme.

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